Made in Parry Sound is a new grassroots marketing collaborative spearheaded by the Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce, but owned and operated by the makers themselves. It exists to introduce the makers who live among us, and to celebrate just some of the many diverse things that are made and produced in the Parry Sound Area.

Made in Parry Sound will help to engage both visitors and our community by celebrating both the pride of the makers who get to live and work here, and the fact that our makers create, produce and build amazing things, both big and small.

It is a website, a brand, a marketing initiative and most importantly a movement. This is our community, and great things can happen here when we work together.

Hosting for the Made in Parry Sound web site has been graciously donated by the Trestle Brewing Company. Photography service and support provided by Meg Wallace Photography, with web site development provided by 30K Networks.